Liberty Ponder Qualifying Shake-Up

Philip Boeckman Formula One Qualifying 2018

In another move to build more excitement into Formula One, and to set this new era of the sport away from Bernie Ecclestone's golden years, Liberty are looking at radically reforming the existing qualifying process.

Past attempts to play with the qualifying system has proved very controversial. The bewildering time sector-based edition of 2016 was scrapped after just one race, with the existing process of three rounds of elimination proving to be king in recent years.

Liberty, however, have supposedly come up with a more enticing format: a qualifying 'race' to determine the grid for Sunday's main event. This mini-race would not feature tyre or fuel regulations, with teams apparently encouraged to race at full pelt for the prize of qualifying as high as possible.

The qualifying race would last 1,000km, with Friday practice session timings determining the order for the sprint. 

Confused? So are we. Off all the things that need changing in F1, qualifying is not high on the list.

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