Toro Rosso-Honda Partnership Off To A Promising Start

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One of the more surprising aspects of the two testing sessions earlier this month was the success of the new Toro Rosso-Honda partnership.

Rewind one year and both actors were experiencing their own disarray. Honda could barely make it to the track with McLaren, given the extent of their engine plight, whilst Toro Rosso's pre-season testing was blighted by mechanical issues and limited laps completed.

Both also experienced a rather forgetful season; Honda jumped from calamity to calamity with McLaren, before the partnership plug was finally pulled as we neared the season's end. As for Toro Rosso, they grew tired of being last in queue for engine upgrades and needing to rely on what were effectively hand-me-down components from their big brother, Red Bull Racing.

So, when it came down to it, and Honda were looking for another team to partner up with, and Toro Rosso were looking for a new engine team, the relationship looked like one of convenience rather than a promising coupling.

Since then, Honda have looked to have learned from the many mistakes they committed alongside McLaren, and Toro Rosso have gone to great strides to integrate their Japanese Honda counterparts as swiftly and as personable as possible.

This great article from Formula One details the budding new partnership in brilliant detail.

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