Williams Launch New 2018 Car

Formula One Williams Philip Boeckman

Williams Racing became the second team to unveil their 2018 racecar yesterday, to much fanfare and positive reaction from the world of Formula One.

This year's car sports a black underbody and side-pods, away from the usual all-white bodywork that we've become accustomed to in recent years.

Much like Haas, who where first out of the blocks to launch their car on Wednesday, Williams have gone for Ferrari-esque side-pods this year. Look closely and you'll see the car also features a t-wing, the controversial element to the rear wing that'll likely feature on a number of cars this season.

Internet communities are rife with rumours that the Halo designs that both Haas and Williams have featured are just 'stock' devices. There appears to be little aero function to them, leading some tin-hatted fans to suggest that they're waiting until testing starts at the end of the month before unveiling actual Halo designs.

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing are next up to launch their car, early next week, and then it'll be the turn of Alfa Romeo Sauber and Renault on Tuesday 20th February.

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