Showcasing The Need For The Halo Device

Formula One Halo Ferrari, Philip Boeckman

James Allison, Mercedes Technical Director, has spoken of the 'heart-stopping' testing of the new halo device, as well as the complications some teams might face in adopting to the new safety feature this year. 

Speaking to Motorsport Magazine, Allison said:

"It was close. I am not saying we breezed through it, and there were quite a few heart-stopping moments when doing the static tests that comes in from an oblique angle - where it takes the weight of a London Bus. "When you see that test going on it is pretty scary with the amount of load going in there."

The Halo's introduction this season has caused some consternation within the sport, with both drivers and fans alike expressing opposition to the measure. Past incidents have shown the need for such safety - either in the form of a halo or a cockpit, but some figures within the sport have labelled the Halo a 'reaction' rather than a well-conceived technology. 

Either way, 2018 marks the start of the Halo era in the sport. 

Philip Boeckman

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