Liberty Continue Formula One Overhaul

Liberty Media have continued to stamp their mark on Formula One, this time in the form of calendar meddling and race time reforms. 

Traditionally, European Grand Prix starts at 2pm local time, in order to best capture an afternoon audience across the continent. 

As of this season, however, Liberty have instructed European races to begin at 3:10pm. The decision for lights out at ten past the hour is to allow broadcasters the room to properly structure their programmes, the majority of which usually begin on the hour. 

One anomaly is the French Grand Prix. The race will be the first held in France for ten years, and in order to maximise both spectators and television viewers, lights out will be at 4:10pm, to avoid a clash of the World Cup fixture between England and Panama. 

Visit to view the scheduling for the 2018 Formula One season.

Philip Boeckman

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