FIA Weigh In With New Rules

The FIA, Formula One's governing body, is due to introduce a minimum drivers' weight from 2019, to ensure that heavier drivers are no longer penalised. 

Under new suggested rules, drivers and seat combination must way a minimum of 80kg, with the total car and driver weight rising to 740kg. 

Following last season's new regulations that introduced wider cars with larger tyres, the overal weight of the cars increased to 728kg. This season's halo introduction will raise the weight to 728kg, so the 2019 suggested minimum weight is a significant increase.

The idea is to mitigate drivers' body weight when it comes to optimising car speed. Whilst F1 drivers are notoriously fit athletes, even slight discrepancies in weight between drivers can lead to an advantage. This has lead to fears that drivers will seek to drop unhealthy levels of weight in order to wring out every last drop of performance.

The potential shift also makes life easier for team engineers, who will know exactly how much weight they have to play with. Paddy Lowe, Williams Technical Chief, supports the rule change:

"Personally I think it'd be a good thing for the sport, something that many drivers have been asking for for many years, to take that element away (body weight), within reason."



Philip Boeckman

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