Engine Rules To Be Eased Next Season

Philip Boeckman

According to F1 technical supremo Ross Brawn, the sport intend to ease engine regulations next season in a bid to ease the struggles of certain manufacturers, namely Honda.

Honda's issues are very well known by this point; it is considered a success these days if they can last the race distance without a retirement.

According to the FiA, Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault have boosted their engines to within 0.3 seconds of one another; this move is intended to close that gap and allow other teams to close the gap.

That shift has been seen on the grid this season: Ferrari seem to have the pace to challenge Mercedes all the way to the title this season, whilst the likes of Force India, Renault and Williams are slowly but surely closing the gap on the top teams and challenging for a podium at recent races. 

Philip Boeckman

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