Are Mercedes Ready To Walk Away From Formula 1?

Having dominated the sport for three years, a period of unmatched strength rarely seen in Formula One's history, Eddie Jordan has suggested that Mercedes are ready to disband at the end of the 2018 season.

Since returning to the sport as a team in 2010, the German giant has won three Constructors titles during a truly dominant era. This season has been a rude awakening of sorts, with Ferrari nailing the regulation changes and emerging as title favourites after a strong start. 

The are murmurings around the paddock that Mercedes are growing somewhat disillusioned; past speculation that Formula One has served its purpose for Mercedes. They've blitzed their way to a series of titles, proved their engines are the most reliable of the pack and, from a marketing perspective, have truly milked the sport and its drivers for all their worth. Short of maintaining their status as the leading team on the grid, there isn't much left for the Mercs to achieve.

However, and this is a big however, they are contracted under the stringent Concorde Agreement to remain in the sport until the 2020 season; to walk away next year would be foolish and very costly. If they are to leave the sport, the earliest they can do so without repercussion would be 2021.

Either way, Mercedes' boss Toto Wolff has rubbished Eddie Jordan's claims, describing them as baseless.

Philip Boeckman

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