Vettel To Face Further Punishment?

Philip Boeckman

Just when we thought the carnage of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix was behind us, its come back with a vengeance.

After their bust-up on track, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton both seemed keen to move on and look at the bigger picture: the 2017 World Championship title. Vettel's decision to use his car was a very dangerous and ill-advised decision; but he had received his punishment that certainly hindered his race and ended any hope of victory.

On the face of it, a ten-second stop-go penalty was a fair one. Vettel did ram Hamilton, but it was at low speed and out of sheer frustration from an apparent wrong-doing. Post-race data absolved Hamilton - he didn't break test the German. Regardless, Vettel's penalty sent him to P7 and cost him ground in the title charge.

Hamilton's safety failings cost him dearly, forcing him down to P9 and therefore finished behind Vettel, the German extending his championship lead by two points. Had he not have suffered issues with his safety device, he would likely have won this race comfortably and drew level with Vettel.

Let's not let Hamilton's ill-fortune cloud judgement; the only way to effectively penalise Vettel further is to either issue a disqualification from last weekend's Grand Prix or impose a one-race ban. If they provide him with a grid place penalty, they would be overruling their own disciplinary proceedings, which would generate a precedent that nobody wants to see: where so we draw the line at retrospective punishment. In other words, why issue a punishment onto a punishment?  

Philip Boeckman

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