Formula One Racing Ahead In Social Stakes

Philip Boeckman F1

When Liberty took over Formula One at the tail-end of last season, they pledged to bring the sport closer to the fans and into a new age. Bernie Ecclestone's rule kept F1 in the stone ages when it came to media coverage; the mogul insisted on pay-per-view tv deals and balked at bringing the sport online, both in the form of social media and streaming.

Fast forward a few months and things are already looking radically different. Liberty have made early attempts to deliver transparency and build a bigger fan/driver relationship in the form of post-qualifying interviews on the straight. 

Latest figures show that F1's social media following has increased by 8.8% since March, the highest of all forms of motor racing, the closest being NASCAR. The sport still lags hugely behind MotoGP's total social following of 18m compared to 8.6m.

This is just a latest in the trend of developing the sport and making it all encompassing to a younger generation

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