Second US Grand Prix Looms On The Horizon

Philip Boeckman Formula One United States Grand Prix

Ever since Liberty Media completed their takeover of Formula One, ousting Bernie Ecclestone in the process, there's been chatter about a adding a second United States Grand Prix to the calendar.

The success of the Circuit of the America's race, first held in 2014, has encouraged beliefs that America is ready to embrace Formula One. Couple to that the success of Mexico's return to the sport, as well as IndyCar's ludicrous recent rule changes, and it seems like there's great scope to expand across the pond.

Liberty Media this week have confirmed their intention to add a second Grand Prix to US shores. Chase Carey, the group's Chairman, told AutoWeek magazine that he wants to launch a race in what he termed a destination city; "New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles or Miami". 

Such a race would only add to the glamour of the sport and would be an incredible money-spinner. When they took over the sport, Liberty spoke of restoring the 'heritage' of Formula One. That was interpreted as bringing Grand Prix back to the classic European tracks, a move that would be wholly embraced by the sport's fan-base. With the French Grand Prix already returning next year, Liberty's attention has seemingly turned to expanded in the States. 

On paper, the move makes sense. Carey has spoken of his desire to turn each race into a 'Super Bowl'; week-long events, closer fan integration and making Grand Prix more of a spectacle. It would be more sensible host than the current array of dictatorships and questionable governments that currently host F1 Grand Prix: Russia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Ab Dhabi... It's quite an extensive list.  A second United States Grand Prix would be much welcomed.

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