Toto Wolff's Tantrum: The World Reacts

One of the highlights from the opening weekend of the 2017 Formula One season was Mercedes boss Toto Wolff reacting angrily to a botched pit strategy by his team.

Attempting an overcut by bringing race leader Lewis Hamilton for a pit-stop before that of his Ferrari rival Sebastian Vettel, the move backfired when the Briton was released behind Max Verstappen, allowing Vettel to gain a large enough lead to pit himself several laps later and emerge in front of the Silver Arrow.

Wolff's reaction to Vettel emerging effectively in the lead was captured by cameras and replayed across the world

The somewhat humorous reaction to the otherwise cool-as-ice German has spurred a countless array of gifs and memes by the internet, from Eastenders tributes to We Will Rock You covers. 

His team have even decided to jump on the meme bandwagon. On Instagram, they posted a quite brilliant stop-motion video featuring a lego version of the incident. The clip has been viewed over 185,000 times in a little over 18 hours.

A sign Mercedes are already feeling the pressure after one race?

Philip Boeckman

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