CAR LAUNCH 2017: Sauber Unveil New-Look Car

Philip Boeckman Formula 1 Sauber

Sauber have become the first team to unveil their 2017 challenger and with it comes the unleashing of excitement and expectation that the new season is just around the corner.

Sauber's CS36 offer us the first glimpse of what the 2017 cars will look like under the new specs, and we haven't been left disappointed. After months of speculation and renders, we finally have the chance to see what the bigger-tyred, flatter-winged chassis look like.

The backmarkers have adopted a slightly altered chassis design this year that is very reminiscent of the mid 90s vintage Williams Rothman cars. A gold trim and white and blue bodywork that is simple and elegant. 

Sauber will prey that their 2017 offering will drive like the Williams of old, but it's likely that the Swiss team will be propping up the field this year following the exit of Manor Racing. 

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