McLaren To Go Orange? Social At Fever Pitch Over Hints

Whisper, but the post Ron-Dennis era at McLaren could be taking a colourful turn for the better. If rumours and hints from the team itself are to be believed, the woking-based outfit are ready to ditch the metallic look that has dominated their chassis for almost twenty years in favour of orange. 

The colour harks back to their formative years in the sport and would signal a dramatic change in direction from the Dennis years. The last time McLaren sported an orange livery was during a pre-season test almost ten years ago. Competitively, they haven't raced in orange during the modern era. 

McLaren chucked a barrel of fuel into the fire last week when they launched a new social media campaign under the tagline 'Change your game', with an orange streak tearing through the middle. 

McLaren have pledged to keep any changes a secret until the car launch at the end of this month. Eric Boullier, racing director, didn't exactly play down rumours either:

We’ve got some exciting changes planned for our new car, the MCL32, but we want those to be kept secret until we show it to the world on February 24th!
— Eric Boullier

Philip Boeckman

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