F1 2017 Highlights: Vettel Rams Hamilton

The 2017 Baku Grand Prix had absolute everything. Safety Cars galore, dramatic crashes and an unlikely podium heroes. But the most dramatic moment of the race featured this year's two title challengers: Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton.

The incident needs to be seen to be believed. Under one of the previous Safety Cars up until that moment in the race, Sebastian Vettel had accused Hamilton, via his team radio, of out-braking him and driving dangerously in the lead, in an attempt to get a jump on him when the SC retired to the pits.

Hamilton, of course, denied any such foul play, claiming that he was simply dictating pace as per his right as race leader under a Safety Car.

This time, Vettel was at his wits end. Hamilton was likely not playing any games, however he was forcing Vettel to break, break and then break some more. Something had to give, and eventually ti did. Having breaked him one time too many, Vettel accidentally drove into the back of the Mercedes, before embarking on an astonishing act. 

Incredibly annoyed at the incident, Vettel broke ranks and surged alongside Hamilton before ramming his Ferrari into Hamilton. The Briton was bemused. 

Vettel escaped punishment, somehow. Hamilton went on to suffer scarcely believable damage to his seat protection and amazingly finished BEHIND the German.

Philip Boeckman

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