Ferrari Threaten To Quit F1... Again

Philip Boeckman Formula One

Another winter break, another threat by a big team to quit Formula One. It's as regular as clockwork.

This time, it's Ferrari, the biggest constructor in F1, who have threatened to walk away from the series if their demands aren't met. Unhappy with the upcoming engine regulations for the 2021 season, they insist that ultimately they want to continue as an F1 team, but they will walk away if they feel they have to. 

Speaking to Italian media, Scuderia boss Sergio Marchionne said:

"We are not bluffing and I would not try to test the theory. If they continue on the path of wanting to turn F1 into NASCAR, with cars all the same, there could be a divorce. If they decide to make us all the same we will go in three seconds, but that's not what we want".

Philip Boeckman

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