New Era: Formula One Rebooted For 2018

Philip Boeckman F1 Logo

As we signed off on the 2017 F1 season atop the Abu Dhabi podium, a new era was announced. At the vanguard of change, riding alongside the new halo safety measure for 2018, is a new, redesigned logo.

Yes, the old logo is great and one of the most recognisable sporting brands on the planet, but Liberty Media, having been in the sport for a full season now, needed a re-launch of sorts to detach themselves from the Ecclestone era. 

The new logo is a daring move away from the charismatic and eye-capturing existing one, its undertones of pace and speed perfectly representing the fastest sporting spectacle on Earth. The new design is more rounded, smoother and somewhat slicker, with the 'f' represents a sweeping circuit bend.

Social media and driver response has been somewhat cold. A snap poll within the F1 Reddit community revealed that 91% of its subscribers opposed a change in the existing one.

Regardless, the way Liberty Media introduced the new design, dubbed a 'New Era Unleashed' was somewhat spectacular. Watch the video below (credit to U/Bottas WMR on Reddit)



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