Suspension Row Brewing Ahead Of New Season

Although the 2017 Formula One season is still three months away, a row is already brewing over Red Bull's and Mercedes' suspension, instigated by Ferrari.

The Scuderia queried a trick technology deployed primarily by Mercedes and in part by Red Bull that improves car handling and balance, aids tyre degradation and allows for more aggresive driving lines. 

With the new regulations coming into force this season, Ferrari have already drawn their battle lines over what they think is an unfair advantage by the Constructors Champion and Red Bull- a belief that is shared by the sports' governing body, the FIA; Race Director Charlie Whiting has declared the suspension system illegal, throwing Mercedes' and Red Bull's preparation ahead of the new season into slight disarray.

Ferrari have a track record off questioning rivals' cars and make-up of cars, and usually they succeed in banning certain systems and components. This is a big year for the Italian outfit, having been plagued by internal political disputes over the past season that derailed last year's campaign. They have been well off the pace and have gone several years without a sustained title challenge; the move to ban the suspension goes a long way to helping them tug back the leaders.

Philip Boeckman

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