Is Bernie Heading To The Exit Door

Formula One Bernie Ecclestone Philip Boeckman

Liberty Media is poised to complete its takeover of Formula One this week, with Bernie Ecclestone rumoured to be nearing the end of his forty-four year stint in the sport. 

Although his departure is yet to be confirmed, the BBC are reporting that a source close to the big boss has suggested he's ready to go. Whether he stays or not, Liberty have already made moves to reduce Ecclestone's influence by appointing both a new Chairman and Commercial Director. Ross Brawn, in many people's eyes the heir-apparent to Bernie's crown, has been handed a larger role in team relations on the sporting and technical side.

Liberty may offer Ecclestone an olive branch in the form of a somewhat superfluous role as 'Honorary President', though it is unlikely that he'd accept such an offer.

Liberty and Bernie clealry differ when it comes to fans offering: Liberty want to take the sport into the 21st century with online streaming and a stronger social and digital presence; Ecclestone has been incredibly dismissive in the past of such an audience. His penchant for favouring the larger teams in the sport, or rather being strong-armed by them, also clashes with Liberty's intention to distribute wealth more evenly across the grid. 

Is Bernie the problem? Or is he in fact the glue that is keeping the teetering, splintering blocks that is Formula One together? 

Philip Boeckman

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