A Look At The Mean, Lean 2017 Cars

As we all know, Formula 1 regulations are shifting this season, in a move to create faster cars, more overtaking and exciting racing.

Wider tires are due to generate more grip, a flatter rear wing will provide more downforce and a new-shaped front wing should pave the way for close racing and jostling.

Quite who will be in a position to capitalise on the rule changes and come out top-dog remains to be seen, but an educated guess suggests that Mercedes will still be there ore thereabouts. Red Bull, inspired by the genius Adrian Newey, will undoubtedly be vying for podium places, whilst Ferrari surely have to improve on an abysmal year.

Still unsure about the rule changes? Red Bull have published their own video that simply explains what to expect in 2017:

Philip Boeckman

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