Singapore GP Looms As Bernie Confirms He's Here To Stay

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The Singapore Grand Prix this weekend has been somewhat overshadowed by Liberty Media's acquisition of Formula 1 and the confirmation that Bernie Ecclestone intends to serve three more years. Like him or loathe him, he's here to stay, and he spoke fairly candidly during a recent Top Gear interview with Eddie Jordan. 

He spoke of his gripe with Mercedes and their dominance, lamenting the lack of competitiveness on the track, an issue he places squarely on the World Championship leaders. If Bernie had his way, Mercedes would've given Red Bull their engine last year, a move the F1 Boss is convinced would've made Red Bull a frontrunner this season. Alas, Mercedes opposed the idea and they currently hold a  208 point over Red Bull in the constructor's table. 

Ecclestone told Jordan: "Before they go to the race, people want to think four or five guys could win, but now… Normally you’d say, “One of those two, and I think it’s going to be Lewis,” because that’s what had been proved up to now – thank God that Nico has won some races".

The F1 supremo has a point; clearly he wants the track to regain some form of competitiveness, as do the fans. The hope is that next year's engines and technical revamp will see a more even field.

Amongst other things during his interview, Ecclestone spoke of his admiration for both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, whilst also praising the decision to exit the EU. Perhaps that discussion is best suited to another blog...

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Meanwhile, Toro Rosso head to Singapore on the verge of their 200th Grand Prix. A great addition to the sport, the sister team of Red Bull provided Sebastian Vettel with his F1 bow, as they did to Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz, two future starts of the sport. 100,000km on from their first start in Bahrain back in 2006, the outfit are sure to be celebrating whatever their finishing position this weekend

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