Hamilton Cruises To Another Victory In Germany

Philip Boeckman

With the Summer break now upon us in Formula one, few would've predicted even a month ago that Lewis Hamilton would be headed on his holidays with a nineteen point lead over team-mate Nico Rosberg. At one stage earlier this season, the German Rosberg had held a 43 point advantage over the Briton; that he has relinquished such a lead and then some going into the month long break could be psychologically crippling for the son of the great Keke Rosberg.

Once again, we go back to to same recurring theme surrounding Rosberg; mentally, he is incredibly fragile. When it comes to the heat of the moment, Nico fails under pressure. His unbelievable qualifying lap to set himself on Pole Position on Saturday defied that argument only for a day; by the time the lights went out on Sunday afternoon, he had reverted to type. The German's race was over by the time he got into third gear, his tyres sliding as he tried in vain to get off the start/finish line. Going into the first corner, he was already in P4, behind leader Hamilton (already in the distance), and the to Red-Bulls. 

Philip Boeckman

Even during interviews, Rosberg doesn't seem to believe that he can compete with Hamilton. Granted, Hamilton is arguably the best driver of his generation, and will surely be a candidate for greatest of all time when all is said and done and he hangs up his helmet. However, every top sportsman needs the belief that they can compete. With Rosberg, there's no evidence to suggest that he can. There's nine races left in this season, the longest ever in F1 history, so there's plenty of time to claw back a lead. Added to that, Hamilton will almost inevitably have to take an engine penalty hit and start one race, maybe more, from the back of the grid. He has that thinking in mind when suggesting that his championship lead is in fact false, that Rosberg will surely regain the lead once Hamilton incurs the penalties. Regardless, it's difficult to see the German winning the title this season.

As Damon Hill rightly said in the pre-race build-up, it's almost unheard of for a driver to take such a dominant lead in the title race, squander it halfway through, go behind in the table, and then surge ahead once again to claim victory. It'll take unbelievable mental strength, something i don't think Rosberg possesses.

I'm open to being corrected, however, if it means we'll get some much needed excitement in the second half of the season. 

Philip Boeckman

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