Formula One Tyre Degradation Scrapped For 2017

Formula One Philip Boeckman Pirelli

Finally, some news that could result in faster, more aggressive driving next year in Formula One. Pirelli, tyre manufacturers for the sport since 2011, have confirmed that they are building a more durable tyre next year that will have a greater operating window. It may reduce strategy options for teams-strategy variation was the reason fast-degrading tyres were introduced in 2009- but should result in teams and drivers pushing harder without having to fear wear and tear.

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery said: "We will have much less degradation in 2017 and tyres will – if we achieve what we are trying to achieve – have a wider operating window. What we definitely will see is faster cars. We expect a three to four second improvement in performance, which is clearly quite substantial".

Interesting times ahead for sure in Formula One. With the tyre next year also wider, expect to see faster lap times too.

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