Russian Grand Prix: Like Father, Like Son... Rosberg Wins Again

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How the tables have turned. At the tail-end of the season, before Rosberg won three seemingly pointless races in a row after his team mate Lewis Hamilton had clinched the title, the major talking point focused on the fragile state of mind of the German. The driver that couldn't take confrontation, who bowed to the dominant, quicker Hamilton.

Now, the questions are being aimed at the Briton. Where's the fire gone? The media have even gone as far as questioning whether or not Hamilton wants to continue in Formula One. This is all down to the blistering form of Nico Rosberg, who completed a motoring Grand Slam at Sochi on Sunday: Pole position, quickest lap and leader for every single lap of the race. The German has now made it seven wins from seven dating back to October and he is in a very promising position to win his maiden Drivers' Championship title.

Rosberg has definitely proved the doubters wrong, but he seems to have proved a point to himself too. The criticism wasn't unwarranted last season; the driver certainly seemed to wilt when the going got tough and Hamilton cranked up the pressure with win after win. This season, however, he's driving like a man possessed. More importantly, lady luck has taken a shine to him too. The mechanical troubles that have plagued Hamilton this season have so far avoided Rosberg, leading to ridiculous suggestions that Hamilton's side of the garage is being sabotaged.

Hamilton has already alluded to the fact that his race engineers and mechanics from the last couple of seasons have effectively swapped with Rosberg's this season- to keep things fresh, as is the official line of the team- but that's not the be all and end all of racing; the driver still has to cary his car across the finishing line. 

It may be unfair to question Hamilton's resolve and motivation, but the longer he toils behind his German team mate, the more likely Rosberg will become a Champion come the Autumn.

Sebastian Vettel, meanwhile, is having troubles of his own. To be more precise, he's having trouble with Red Bull's Daniil Kyvat. The young Russian bumped into him not once, but twice in the opening minute of racing at Sochi on Sunday, sending the German's Ferrari spiralling into the barriers and out of the race.

"What the fuck are we doing here?" asked the German.

It's a question that only Kyvat can answer. Sure, he didn't intend to ram Vettel of the circuit, but this follows the unfortunate contact in China between the pair, and it's led to questions about the Russian's temperament and his Formula One future. Surely he's in last chance saloon with Christian Horner and Co.? When your teammate is questioning your actions, surely the writing is on the wall for you? Kyvat needs to step up his game, drop the battering ram act and get some points and good performances on the board, or he'll soon find himself without a team next season.

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