Vettel: Formula 1 Is A Sport, Not A Show

Being in a relatively quiet off-period between races, Sebastian Vettel has had time to reflect on Formula One and the direction it's taking.

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The four-time World Champions quite rightly insists that the FIA and organisers should be doing everything possible to keep the series as the 'pinnacle of motorsport'. The German sees the upcoming spec changes in 2017 as the ideal opportunity to make the right changes and keep F1 at the top of the ladder.

Formula One has always been the pinnacle of motor sport so it’s natural the cars should be quicker
— Sebastian Vettel

Vettel has been a vocal critic of Formula One already this season, describing the fracas over qualification during the early part of this season as 'a circus'. Quite what Bernie and co will make of his comments is anyone's guess. Vettel is a leader within the paddock and clearly well respected within the ranks, so his opinion is very likely shared by the whole grid.

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