Formula 1 Returns in Spectacular Fashion

The 2016 Formula One got underway in Australia over the weekend in exciting fashion, with Ferrari showing that they have the pace to challenge Mercedes this season, Haas surprising us all with a top 6 finish on their debut and Fernando Alonso losing another of his nine lives. 

Sebastian Vettel got off to a blistering start in Melbourne and was the race leader by the first corner; had the race not been red-flagged for the horrific crash involving Alonso, we may well have been discussing a Ferrari win at Albert Park. Alas, race strategy was scuppered the second the red flags came out, and Nico Rosberg and Mercedes reacted the quickest once the race resumed again.

Although we may moan about another Mercedes win to kick off the new season, at least there's a possibility of a bigger challenge from Rosberg this year to steal Lewis Hamilton's crown. Rosberg ended the season strongly and has started this season with a win already in the bag. Hopefully he can grab several more throughout the season to at least give us a title race this year.

The main talking point of the day centred on the safety of Formula One. The sight of Fernando Alonso walking away unscathed from such a terrifying crash is testament to the prioritisation of safety in the sport. Alonso himself took to social media to describe how lucky he feels to be alive, and no matter how many times you watch the replays of the crash back, you still flinch at the sight of his McLaren performing a double-barrel roll.

We move on now to Bahrain, a place that Mercedes have dominated for the past couple of years. Ferrari chief Maurizio Arrivabene has already promised an upgrade to the car in time for the race, so the hope is that Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen can pull a win out of the bag and really get this 2016 season up and running. 

Philip Boeckman

Huge fan of @F1 and Motor Racing in general. I blog about anything and everything from the world of Formula 1