Cockpit 'Halo' To Be Introduced From 2017

Starting from next year, cockpit head protection is to be introduced in a bid to improve driver safety from the outside elements.

From the outside looking in, this seems like a no-brainer. The horrific and fatal injury suffered by Jules Bianchi in 2013 reignited debate about how to protect drivers from the outside elements, but Formula One purists have always been resistant to infringing on what they view as traditional, open seat racing.

The FIA intend to introduce a 'halo' to cockpits, a guard that will protect drivers from large airborne objects; it's viewed as a compromise between a fully closed cockpit and leaving the driver vulnerable to external debris.

Last year, Mercedes shared a concept video featuring a 'halo', showing how it would look and how it would fit seamlessly into existing designs.

Philip Boeckman

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