Welcome to my blog

My name is Philip Boeckman and I suppose you could say I'm the definition of a petrolhead. I live and breathe Formula 1. I grew up reading about the real mavericks of years gone by and I dreamt that one day I could grace an F1 track (still dreaming!). 

My true passion for the sport can be dated back to the eighties and the turbo-charged halcyon days when racing was truly racing. I feel privileged to have watched some of the greats come and go: Piquet, Mansell, Senna (the greatest), Prost, Schumacher. 

Though many feel F1 has been diluted in recent years, i'm still as excited as ever. So that brings me to my blog. Here you'll find my musings on the latest and greatest of Formula One, from driver and team updates to the wacky and the wonderful (and often controversial) that never strays too far from the grid!